Do we really need boards? (Part 2)

I have been reminded again and again why even boards, human though they may be, are so important.

A second simple story

(I will share the third one in the next blog post)

I spent time with a board that, for all intents and purposes, is lost in terms of any coherent sense of how they want to or should govern. Their practice shaped by years of habit. Their most recent experience as a board was full of conflict with their former executive. Their new executive is getting traction fast—very fast. The new executive might do just fine for a couple of years if the board stayed at home. The executive “might.” In spite of its sense of disarray, the board has wisely recognized two really important things. First, they know they are the caretakers of the mission and core values of the organization (in this case, the faith identity of the organization). They are bringing fresh energy to focusing on mission and core organizational identity as the new CEO advances critical operational matters. Second, the board knows that they don’t know how to govern effectively and add value. They are embarking on some aggressive learning. They will become a great board.

Yes, the nonprofit sector needs both committed and competent boards.

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